Tuesday, December 7, 2010

looking for quiet time?

As Light as a Feather

There is a place where we are and it is inside as much as it is outside and it is within and it is without and it is yours and it is mine. In this place you will relieve yourself of burdens of the past and you will feel freedom from the future. In this place there is light and limitless understanding with freedom to be who you are, all of the time, without fear or prejudice. This place exists and if you look into the stars you will feel it there but you could also look into your heart and it is there too.

Release yourself from some of your human beliefs and burdens and you will feel lighter.  You will feel more relaxed and less concerned by the things that are going on around and within you.  Relax, trust.  Give yourself the pleasure of being and the pleasure of enjoying.
Let go of the thoughts.  Let your mind be empty and free and relaxed once again. Feel the quiet of your mind and the quiet of your soul.  As though it is a feather, when it is weighted down with all  those thoughts there is no way it can fly but when it is free of thought then you will be able to lift yourself and rise above whatever is going on around you. Allow your mind to be free and your body will rest easy as your soul lifts to soar and fly.
All those busy thoughts are not necessary, they just burden your body with heaviness which earths you into physical reality and stops you from lifting higher. They keep you deeply on the physical plane and create a space where you will be subject to illness, stress, fear, worry, concern, anger and all these emotions that constantly bombard your physical form.  Lift out of these thoughts and you will feel lighter in body and in mind. This is the key to finding the feather of light that is you.
Light as a feather

1.       Write a list of things you are thinking about at this point in time. Put them down on paper quickly and automatically. Do not read them, do not think about them just let them flow out of your mind as a stream of consciousness.

2.       As each word hits the paper allow a lightness to drift into your mind.
3.       With each of these thoughts feel the lightness of a feather. As you put down each and every thought this feather becomes lighter and starts to fly again, lifting itself out of the physical and into freedom of flight.
4.       Now go and rest; without thought, without burden and without energy attached to the many things held in your mind.  Feel your body and soul shift as the feather soars ever higher into the evening sky.  Drift lightly and peacefully with the feather into a world of sleep.