Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You are what you eat

Right now we are reaching a vibrational awareness where our understanding of food will change. As our bodies change, food will change. It is no longer what you eat but how you eat. 
This is not a health kick or an organic push, nor another diet or fad this is something very different. This is the new way of looking at and appreciating food. Last month’s blog (Wish for what you want) stated that time is speeding up which means our bodies will crave foods that respond to a faster energetic system. You will want to gather speed with the way you eat, not by eating faster but by understanding energetic consumption.
There are no rules with energetic consumption. Sometimes you will need to eat less and then to eat more. You may be attracted to foods by colour and texture rather than taste. You may even be attracted to foods by sound. By becoming consciously aware of what you are eating you will start to hear, see and feel the energy of the food you desire. It does not matter what you eat as long as you want to eat it. It is time to throw out the schedules and look again at how your body consumes fuel (i.e. energy).
Energetic consumption
1. Think about what you are eating right now and how you are eating this.

2. Consider the energy or vibrational content of each item of food you are consuming.

3. Remove preconceived ideas. Do not get caught up in what you think is healthy or unhealthy as the vibrational content of food may be higher than you think.

4. Take the piece of food (or think about the food you would like to consume if you do not physically have this in front of you) then feel the energetic connection with this food. Is it vibrating physically and energetically within you? Locate the place where this is vibrating and identify how it feels for you. Become aware of the energy of the food (or drink) you are about to consume and discover how it connects with your body. Some things will have low energetic connections while others will have whole body connections. Anything that does not have an energetic link you may choose not to consume. Experiment with different types of food and remember, try to break down your eating patterns, try to escape from your current beliefs and allow energetic eating to take place.

5. You do not need to charge up your foods, you do not need to worry about ‘junk food’ vs healthy food, you just need to consider the energetic content of what you are eating and if it is vibrationally matched or ‘feels’ right consume this.

6. When you are practiced you will also be able to consume food energetically rather than physically. For example, if you feel hunger (which may be a belief rather than a physical reality) you can consider the food you are attracted to and energetically consume it without actually eating it.

7. The vibrational content of food is a complex thing, which is why it is not possible to judge the value of food by what you currently understand it as. For example you are craving a mass produced chocolate biscuit. You may think it holds no food value however this biscuit is vibrating with an element of your physical (or energetic) body. This vibration may be coming from the colour of the packaging, the sound of the food as it is made on the factory press, the person pouring the ingredients, the smell as it is placed in machines or, the feeling of joy you get from consuming this piece of energetic vibration. 

8. The vibrational elements of food are unique to each item and to each individual. The key is to let go of preconceptions and allow your body to feel, experience and know what is right for it to consume energetically and physically at this point in time.

8. Energetic consumption might sound complicated but it is just another tool to break down your current perceived reality and introduce new parameters to live within.