Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Earth Star - the world is changing

The earth star - the world is changing

What is happening that is of such importance that the earth is asking for your help. It is asking for you to feel her shift and to grow with her. As you grow it is asking for you to include her in your shift so that when you move from your physical being and lighten your burdens may you include her in this by affirming her place in the shift. The earth is asking you to find a place in the shift so that you will move with her. She is asking to include you in her moves so that when you shift you will gravitate towards a new earth as well. 

There is no earth life found without you doing this. The earth is in crisis and you know this yet you continue to release yourself from her. With the evolving selves of so many the earth is now asking you to hold onto her as well – she is not strong enough to fulfil this shift without your support she is bleeding from the inside out she is haemorrhaging and wants to find a way forward.  She is eternity yet you are not giving her any energy to be this. Please do not ignore her. Please worship her as the place that she is and as the energy flows for you and within you feel how this is also part of the earth. Feel how you are part of her core and her beating heart is as yours is – that as you feel sadness or illness or unsettled or sensitive or drawn to elements so too is the earth. It is as if she is your copy she is experiencing all you are experiencing and she is asking you to include her in your shift because without you she will no longer be able to sustain life on earth and there will be no more need for anything because she will be no more.

There is great trouble ahead for our earth if she is not catered for in these moments. She wants to ask for your help, she wants to find a way for you to be part of her at all times. Come back to worshiping her, come back to feeling her beating within you see all she represents especially the ground that she is. It is the atmosphere, yet it is also the soul of her being, the earth and the core that are weak at the moment. As she shifts she will destroy herself if you do not do something to help. You can help by magnifying yourself into her – like you are looking through a magnifying glass onto the inside of yourself. See yourself as the inside of the earth so that as your heart beats and your blood runs through your veins so too is this the earth. With rivers running and the blood of the core oozing forward through her body out the many fissures in her surface. She will be bled dry and the rivers will flood forth if you do not help her evolve with you.

Think about how many people you know travelling this year? It is not only to connect with peoples in other places it is for the earth.  This is why so many of you are driven to travel her continent and throw yourself into different places. It is because you will find ways to help her through mindfulness and energetic imprinting into her core. You are being asked to imprint yourself in various places so that your shift may impact the core of the earth. The earth wants you to change her – she wants you to acknowledge and manifest and shift with her.

 MEDITATION EXERCISE: Help shift the earth
See the core of the earth glowing like a ball of flames, feel how it surges and thrusts and moves endlessly. Feel the power of this energy at her core and feel how it is unbounded power waiting to burst forth yet also feel how long it has been kept dormant. Now focus on your god within and feel how this is breaking through and lifting the barriers that you have held in place for so very long. Know that as you find your god within so too is the earth finding its god. 

See yourself going deep within the core of the earth, beyond the fire and the heat and the lava mass that is within. Go through that place until you find the centre point. Now feel this centre point as silent, quiet, coolness. Once you have found the centre, allow it to expand and to cool the heated mass that surrounds it.

See once more the core. See how it is expanding and contracting and as it starts to surge with power you will see the great changes happening on the surface. This is dormant power that is being activated and what you will need to do is allow this to activate slowly with pure hearts and with truth. Go beyond the heated core and into the cool blue iridescent light of incarnation. Go to this light that is the very centre and allow it to expand ever so gently beyond its point and feel how it cools the seething mass that surrounds it – feel how it becomes the knowing of itself and feel how it identifies with itself – can you see the parallels?