Monday, February 11, 2013

Healing in the new

What of healing? Is this something that is going to be relevant into the future or is this something that will change just as you are changing?  We believe, for your understanding at this point in time that it is very important that you let go of the word and your understanding of healing so that you may arrive at a new destination with respect to what you wish to occur.

What we are saying is that healing is becoming redundant. If you could only understand that healing is about your body and this has the density to be unwell and manifest illness and physical disease in all manner of forms and shapes and sizes. Healing will occur when you understand that you have the power and the potential to release your physical form and to travel as energy into another plane or dimension where you are no longer unwell or physically manifest into disease.

You were previously held in the belief that health was a manifested destiny and that your disease was going to occur whether you liked it or not. Then you evolved to a point where you understood that you had some control over these diseases. You were able to create illness and fix it so you brought together the physicians of old and now the medical professional and pharmaceuticals in general which have thrived for so long on the unwell and finding as to fix the unwell what a wonderful industry of thought it has been for all of you to experience and then came to through the wonderful alterative healing industry and what it has brought into existence is an understanding of the unwell being something that can be fixed through medicines outside of the physical or traditional as you like to term it – what we ask you now is the future that  you wish to recreate do you wish to continue to evolve along this path or can you make room for something new to occur now where you no longer need to have entire industry built around the need to fix something – what a wonderful area of thought and discovery you have created for so long -= from traditional medicine to all manner of alternative medicines however each and every one of these to date has held onto the one belief that there is something to heal.

What if there was a new trail to follow this year. What if you could let go of healing altogether? What if there was a new paradigm to embrace where the reality was not about healing but about evolving and you were not something to be healed but you were something that is evolving and learning and growing and changing and your body is changing with you and whatever physical manifestations of illness (if you wish to still call it this) is only an opportunity to change and not something to heal – you are healed you are well you are complete you are majestic you are everything you are – you are not caught in a physical body that is ill that is wrong that is hurt you are in fact healed – could you ever accept this? Possibly not however there is an entire industry built around keeping you in the state that you are so we are asking you for a moment to close you r eyes and be whole – be as you are be everything that you are and as you do this allow your vibration to life and to raise and to spin faster and more complete than it ever has before and as you raise this allow the energy to shift so that what was previously so real is no longer so real and solid and what is occurring is that you are allowing your body to absorb b the potential of a new reality that does not hold itself in a constant state of unwell or physical manifestation of problems or stress or concerns or genetic dispositions but in fact allows itself to be free from these barriers to greatness .whatever you are it is not unhealthy – you are perfect .

Could you start by sitting quietly in your own space for a moment? Feel your body as it is. Perhaps you have what you understand of as illness or pain or you really need to be healed. THIS IS NOT GOING TO HEAL YOU! Let’s get it straight you are not going to be healed by doing this because you have nothing to heal what you are going to get is an understanding of what you are in its broadest sense and then you can attach whatever meaning you wish to this

So we begin. Sit quietly, rest your body, allow your physical self to submerge itself into the seat or bed where you are currently residing. Allow your physical body to melt away. Then focus on your mind, focus on your thought and focus on allowing yourself to be more than it was before. What you were holding within can now be let go of what you are finding within your mind can now be set free so that what you see in front of your mind is an empty space now in this empty space please put something new in their please see yourself as an energy body not as a physical body but as an energy body pure vibrating energy please do not put parameters onto this as it will limit your understanding of the exercise you look at the image in your mind’s eye and you see energy you see pure energy vibration and speeds that you can only imagine which is not what you are doing what you are doing is seeing what is there. And now;

Seeing this body of energy that is in your mind’s eye step into it – step wholeheartedly into this energy body and step in as your physical body if you like or maybe you are already an understanding of your energy body so you could step into the new energy body you have created – what are you doing you are raising you vibration now place this energy body over your physical body as you feel yourself sitting in the chair place it over you like you were putting on a full body garment. You are not healed, you are vibrating with new cells and bodily structure that is not bound by the past or the industry or the social consciousness that has held the human form into its [physical manifestation of pain and suffering for so long, you are free of this and you are new.

Relax and absorb the energies as they are part of you – it is now your choice to travel in physical body with its ailments and physical pains or to step into this new cloak of energy and to become.
It is.