Thursday, June 2, 2011

Choose your own adventure

Visualise yourself in a movie theatre. You are watching an absolutely fantastic movie. It is intriguing and exciting; complete with drama, suspense and romance. You are glued to the screen and totally engrossed in the characters and the story they are projecting.
Now think about your own life and imagine your life is the screenplay.
Could you accept that you are creating your own reality, just as a producer directs a screen play?
It may be difficult to see life as a play especially when everything around us seems so real, tangible and solid. In effect reality is just a word. It is a place where we have parked our physical bodies. It is a place where we experience human emotions so that we may learn, grow and evolve. What if this is not real? What if you had a tiny glimpse that real is a projection of your mind and just like the movie theatre described above you are playing out the parts of each of the actors.
If you can envisage your life as a play (or even if you cannot) you may like to consider which character you are today? Are you the worker, the child, the adult, the cleaner or the cook? Are you the dramatist, the injured patient, the divorcee, the grief stricken aunt or somebody else? Who are you today?   
In your chosen reality you can believe in what you want to believe in, you can project what you want to project and you can understand, grow and evolve in whichever way you choose. You can consciously create exactly what you want so that you are neither part of the whole nor an individual subject to the external events around you. You are the director and you choose whichever part you wish to join and those you wish to opt out of. This is your reality so go ahead and choose your own adventure; write your screen play in any way you wish.
the blank screen
     Sit down in your living room, switch off the television and dim the lights. Take a moment to breathe, relax and let go of the day and anything that may be impacting your life. Start by staring at the blank television screen in front of you and as you relax allow yourself to acknowledge you have the opportunity to create any reality you wish. As thoughts come into your mind include the parts you want and discard those that you don’t. You are the writer, the producer and the actor so choose whatever you wish for your blank screen today. This is your play and just as there are different movies you can choose so too there are multiple realities you can live depending on the screen you decide to watch. 

  1. Next time you watch a good movie feel how your body responds to the characters. 
  2. Sit quietly and think about your life as if you were an actor in a play and you were directing all the other actors around you.
  3. Now turn on the television (or movie screen in your mind) and tune it to a blank screen.  Start by visualising the reality you wish to create. Do not be limited by what you think is real.  This is your play you can develop it into anything you wish. 
  4. Engage your mind in this reality, decide on the elements you wish to include. Are there some you would like to keep and others that can pass you by? 
  5. This is your play. You can do what you want. You are not subject to the events around you, you are the director. 
  6.  Go ahead, choose your own adventure and remember, as the observer nothing is as real as it seems.