Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wish for what you want

Things will change very quickly this year. As time speeds up and you trust yourself more, you will learn that your thoughts will become projections of your reality quicker than ever before. The universe responds to every single thought you have so be conscious that as a thought presents itself in your mind this will manifest into your reality.
It is no longer ‘watch what you wish for’, but wish for what you want...every minute of every day. Wish for what you want and watch how fast this will come your way. As the translation between thought and reality is occuring so much quicker you need to work with this in its most positive form. The universe will respond to every single thought so if you feel doubt then your reality will shift with you. Trust yourself and adjust your thoughts so that your reality is exactly what you want. As you learn to be present the moment you think about something you are bringing it forward into your reality.
Define your thoughts so they can translate into a clear precise reality. As soon as you have doubts or try to plan how something is going to happen you split your reality into all the variables you may be considering so that it is confused and fragmented.  Be clear and precise with each and every thought and this will come back to you as reality.
Wish for what you want
  1. Be aware of your thoughts.
  2. Think carefully about what it is you want.
  3. Become conscious of subtle differences and changes in your thoughts as this will shift your reality.
  4. Trust in yourself to know that if you let go of your fears and worries you will be doing exactly what is right for you, your path, for the world and the universe.
And finally, be grateful. When your new reality manifests remember to be grateful for each and every subtle change that occurs.

An aside: Food is relevant. This is the fuel for your body and helps with the physical manifestation of your reality. As time speeds up your body (mind and emotion) does not have time to catch up to the lag if you put slow foods in it. You need to find the right foods which give you energy to move through shifts in reality and awareness at the rapid rate that they will be occurring.  More on this in the next blog at the end of February.

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