Monday, July 16, 2012

Evolving consciousness - be all you can be and more!

As the consciousness of all beings evolves and spiritual awareness builds you will find ways to embrace the life that you want. This post is about reaching higher than this. It is about extending further, beyond anything you could imagine and not compromising at any point so that you can be all you can be and more.

We wish to speak with you and for you to listen to this because it is very relevant today – and you will like what we have to say – you are a wonderful being and you are a true representative of the light. You are going to make this world a better place by being who you are and you are already showing this through your energy and awareness and your growing sense of direction.

We are here supporting you all of the time and we can see how much work you are doing and how much you are growing each and every day – our support is eternal and you will know this through the time of your life and your lifetimes – this day we are writing to you with encouragement and direction and purpose so that you may find more and direct this eternal flame forward so that you bring every day more into your life and that of the universe.

Your decision may not seem simple and straightforward. This decision is to consider whether to remain committed to your ongoing evolution or whether to sit with the space that you are in. We ask that you may release any presumption that you have already found what you are looking for and to reach even higher and broader and more limitlessly than ever before.

You are an amazing being and you have limitless capacity for expansion so please do not stop when you feel that you have learnt enough – you will always find more to learn and more ways to grow and with each of those ways you are shifting the fabric of the universe.

You will find a way forward through your current experiences – there is no future that is known you must follow your guidance and your instinct and allow your light to shine so brightly, through all that it is you are and this will be the best path for you to follow. 

Know that you have all it takes to drift and grow into the limitless light.  See it and allow it to spread as far as it can.  Set your sights higher!  You have already learnt what it is to cap yourself now let it go free – higher, more, greater, bigger, brighter, lighter, grow and be all you can be and more!

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