Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Being present (including meditation exercise)

Is there a purpose
Of course there is. Every day there is a purpose to bring you knowledge, spiritual awareness, spiritual insight, light, freedom and the opportunities to move beyond your current understanding of who you are. You have so much more to be you will never be bored because you can only ever learn.

What one thing could we do to learn today?
The best answer is for you to always be present. Today you will find some more information in yourself just because you are present. As soon as you become distracted you will feel that there is a spinning sensation and the world will become less clear and precise and you will find yourself becoming lost in the mundane and then there is no lesson available because you will be busy in your mind and body. For every minute that you are present you are completely connected with your mind and your body and you are within the space of the very centre that is you. For every minute that you are not you are distracted not from your life purpose but from you who is the life purpose.

Is that it? Is there anything else we can do?
No. Just be present.  By being present you will see, feel, experience and develop more skills than you ever could have thought possible and you will never be bored or feel trapped by the mundane because when you are present there is no mundane there is only what is happening now.

If you could recommend one thing for 2012 what would it be?
To find the space within you that is the entirety it is the essence and the being. To find this space within you, every day, will bring you the clarity you seek, the expansiveness and yet the presence of mind and body to also be living in the now.

Wherever you are, sit comfortably, with your back straight. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Now holding this presence of mind and body read the following words as if you were in a guided meditation.
With your next breath bring your attention to what you understand as the centre of you, wherever this is uniquely for you. Bring your awareness 100% on this centre and allow your whole being to reside there. Now take a few moments to breathe into this centre. Focus your thoughts on this centre as you would a candle, or your breath, in meditation. Bring all your attention to this centre and keep focusing on this until there is nothing else but what you are in the centre of yourself. As you hold the focus feel how it changes from a mass, to a light, to an energy, to a nothing and then everything. Feel it as it contracts and then as it expands. Feel how it is glowing, expanding, shining.  As it expands try not to get caught up in the feeling of this and keep bringing your focus to the one point that is the centre of you. Let your centre continue to expand or contract and feel how the energy and the mass and light collapses within you and expands indefinitely.

Sit with this for a while....

(a note for consideration; allow your guided self to find the centre and its understanding of centre may not be in the centre of your physical body...it could be anywhere do not be limited by your human understanding of this word)

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