Thursday, August 16, 2012

Comments on the 'end of days'

You are everything so be held by nothing.
I wish to know of the end of days. You know that this is not correct yet you also know that there is a major shift that is occurring in your heart and the hearts of many. What this will mean is that you will need to be ever so vigilant as some prophesies may come true and others will not – it all depends on your beliefs and your perceived reality.

What is it you believe to be happening this year? Do you see the end of days with death and destruction or do you see ascension or perhaps invasion from alien life forms or maybe you see harmony on earth as more and more people elevate themselves beyond the unknown and into the unlimited. What is it you would ask to occur and that is what it is you will be most likely experience in this period termed ‘the end of days’.

What if you could ask for more and more people to be lifted out of the unknown and into the unlimited? See the human race choosing to step forward and evolve. What if this is the reality and you could be a part of this, rather than the end of days? So many people will shift this year and lay down their bags so they may ascend their own personal ladder and become the amazing glorious magnificent god like beings that they are,  whether those energies be strong on the earth plane, reaching for the stars, balancing male and female, playful, joyful, angelic, ascended masters, wise, alien, spiritual warrior or other. Ask that all will become what they know they are and that their realised perception will allow the earth to ascend. There is going to be a spiritual revolution as more and more people see through themselves and into the unimaginable. Watch as they lift out of the fear, guilt, grief, anger or whatever element it is that is binding them to their life- long material physical selves. This is going to be a glorious new start for so many peoples of this earth.

Ask that the collective consciousness grows with this vision and all peoples lift themselves out of the darkness of ignorance and into the new light that is shining so brightly above, around and within all of the earth. There is no fear, there is no Armageddon there is only this place where all peoples are ascending, living and connecting. Being all they can be and more. It is the place where all is known and none is lost – where the connections between are as integral to the connection with all that is.

It is all within, this wealth of limitless knowledge and wisdom. Whilst there are teachers and guides and massagers of the soul once you break through the ice of your exterior you will see all knowledge lies within. There is no need to worry, think, over analyse and prepare for the future as you are the future and this future is glorious.

May all people realise the end of days is an opportunity to become all they are. That life within is all there is and this is all encompassing, all powerful and all knowing. It brings youth and love to itself so that what you hold within is everything and what you can feel from within your own being will bring to life anything you wish. You just need to trust, know and believe and do not falter along the way. Do not fall behind, do not go back to pick up bags that you have already dropped off, keep lifting your life higher and higher. Continue letting go of what was so that what you are becoming is so much more and yet it is all that you are you have just been weighted down by eternities of lessons or perceived realities and of physicality. You have the ability to be all you want because you are everything there is; you are the written and the spoken and the thought and the real, you are the unreal and the unspoken and the unknown. You are everything so be held by nothing.

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